Saturday, April 17, 2010

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Old Abandoned Catholic Church in Australia

LEVADA 52010

Mahony for AlterNet May 19 '10

Teenage Sex Slave photo from Daily Mail UK


3 views of Donald McGuire

JAMES TULLY party animal


Boston Cathedral Mother's Day 2010 Vigil Now on 9th Year

Joey Piscitelli in 2010 Video

I See The Future


Reuter cropped from Chi Tribune shot for AlterNet story.

Levada squeezed


Joe Capozzi

For May 4, 2010, Roundup post

Capozzi flyer for AlterNet

Time to Arrest the Pope

Above for April 30 post on need for Oversight

Mahony Says Mass 2010 for AlterNet April 29, 2010

Servants of the Paracletes

Oliver O'Grady strolling Ireland April 26, 2010


BILL NASH small for AlterNet


For April 21, Pope Cries Crocodile Tears post

My Neighborhood Medical Marijuana Store, East Hollywood, CA 2008

A friend forwarded these to me:

This scan shows the date 1988:

I also posted a 2008 video I made called "Six Years of Protesting". If you wanted to view it click on this link
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Same day, I found this from Minnesota NPR yesterday, talking about the case in article above.

Almost by accident, Anderson started a long legal struggle with the church in Minnesota, where he found Fr. Tom Adamson had a history of sexual misconduct with children in Winona and South St. Paul. Church officials had been moving Adamson from parish to parish as allegations rose against him.

Anderson won $1 million settlement against the church for priest child molestation, in what he says was the first case ever made public by the Catholic clergy.

(From Minnesota Public Radio Profile of Jeff Anderson April 17, 2010.)

One survivor Bill Nash making phone calls, sending emails, over time, developed leads, then last week, he did this:

ITALY NEWS: MAX, OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! Bravissimo!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVISSIMO!!!!!!

American news:

Brazil News:,ordem-religiosa-defende-atuacao-no-brasil-de-padre-acusado-de-abuso-nos-eua,539242,0.htm,,MUL1571728-5602,00.html


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